We speak to business owners single every day and when we ask if they had to pick ONE major issue in their business, 9 times out of 10, it always comes down to lead generation.


What does lead generation really mean though?

It basically means that volume fixes most problems. The stress of not having enough calls, inquiries or a consistent, predictable flow of inbound sales will 100% always keep a business owner up at night. In competitive industries such as real estate and service based industries (contractors, landscapers, tree trimming, etc.), people have options. 

Matter of fact, they have MANY options. So how does one get in front of the others without having to slash their prices or cut their commission rates?


An aggressive lead generation strategy that is more than just branding, social media content and a fancy website. 

Trust me, those things are important, too but what if you could know exactly how many leads you could generation each day, week and month? The beauty of it is once you do it over time, you develop predictable metrics. What makes it more powerful is being able to know not only how many leads can be generated, but how many of those you can close, and what kind of growth that projects.

Like a trojan horse…working your way in to make first contact so that if they are ready to buy, you’re the one they choose. For example, in real estate, 75% of people will choose to partner with the first realtor that they make contact with. 

Lead generation is not only next level, but the present winning strategy for sustainable growth.