The Fastest Ways to Boost Sales in 30 Days

The Fastest Ways to Boost Sales in 30 Days

If you’re not in the retail business, than you know that winter can seem a little dry with sales. There are lots of companies who deal with seasonality of their business, and to be honest, most settle for just accepting the slow trickle of leads. However, there is a way to make off-season VERY productive for selling your services. Below are 5 things you can do too give your sales a BOOST.

1. Identify your customer’s biggest problem:  Most companies go about marketing their services in a blunt, matter of fact, boring kind of way. The truth is, rarely do customers buy products/services from a company because of what it is. They buy because of WHO is the company. Go ahead and google your type of company and you will find several other companies that offer the same exact thing that all claim they have “superior” service (very original…). Instead of falling into the rat race for ‘we have better service’ ra-ra BS, why not think about the psychology of the consumer and reverse engineer your message to actually solving their REAL problem.

Example for Landscaper: Customer has yard drainage issues.

Psychology behind the drainage: Every time is rains, the customer freaks out and has lots of stress because they are wondering if the rain will seep into their crawlspace or basement.

2. Solve it with a quick win: Now that we have identified the real issue which is the stress that the customer faces every time it rains and now we can work on the messaging. The marketing message will not only relate to the service that you can provide but will solve the root of the problem for the customer.

Marketing Drainage Example: Rain in the forecast? Worry no more! We offer drainage solutions so that you can focus on enjoying your home instead of wondering if your crawlspace will survive another monsoon.

3. Implement a time sensitive purchase discount: If you are serious about stacking up the books for business within the next 30 days, offer a time-sensitive benefit to the customer that still makes it worth your while to provide the service. Avoid the waiting game after you give an estimate by applying a discount if purchase is within a certain timeframe.

Example: We have a spot that has opened up early next week if you would like us to put you in the line-up. Or if you want to commit by the end of (insert month or week), we can go ahead and knock off $500.

The main idea here is that you need to decide how badly you want to fill the books up (what discount makes sense for you) and will that discount put enough pressure on the customer to make a decision on your services quickly. Worst case scenario, they say that they want to wait 2 months and you still get to perform the service at full price. I would highly encourage you to experiment with this, as it may take a little tweaking to find the sweet spot.

4. Communicate the message via Social Media: Social media is free, so why would you not post on the #1 & #2 most popular social media outlets in the world: Facebook & Instagram. If you can’t seem to find a consistent posting schedule or are unsure which ones to use, those are the Gold Standard. (We’ve added over $6 million in revenue for our clients last year solely using those two). Be consistent with your messaging and posting schedule. We recommend at least 2 posts per week and if you are not able to do so, hire an agency! For the price per month that it costs, you will make x4 of that each month because your brand and message will constantly be on customer’s newsfeeds.

5. Paid Traffic via Facebook & Instagram Ads: If you are serious about growing, properly implementing a true Facebook & Instagram Ad campaign can skyrocket not only your leads but your sales! (Also, its the lazy way of growing but I’m ok with that at a min 10x revenue!) This can seem costly at first with a minimum ad spend budget of $20-40/day but it is extremely powerful. Compared to Google Ads, Facebook/Insta ad buy is MUCH cheaper and you can get much more for your dollar. Many confuse paid ads as “boosting” posts and they are not the same. If you are “boosting” because it makes you ‘feel like you’re doing something’ than you’re wasting your money. Find a Facebook ads training or an agency with proven results to build and implement a campaign for you and it will change your life!


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