Business Seasonality & the Super Nurture!

Business Seasonality & the Super Nurture!

Sure, there is seasonality in any business, especially companies that work outdoors. 


In my experience, the ebbs and flows of business are actually perfectly placed timing-wise. 


Some may call me crazy, but as a typical “Type A” personality, I am always operating at high intensity and my mind rarely shuts off. 


Sound familiar? 


(I’m talking to you, over-achievers!)


I recently read an article about the Norwegian people in winter. The average temperature in the winter hovers around zero degrees Fahrenheit. 


#$@%! That’s cold. 


The article was about how the locals take the season to “bring it in.” 


Obviously, they don’t spend lots of time outdoors in the winter so they get their homes & offices comfortable to where they spend lots of time in reflection. 


I found this to be paralleled to “strategy season.” 


It’s naturally difficult to set aside time to plan out 6, 12 months, 1 year and 5 years down the road. 


The timing of business seasonality couldn’t be more perfect for Type A’s like myself or other roles that have a high level of stress and demand. 


Seasonality FORCES us to take a step back…to think. 


Another thing that happens when your customers slow down, is the SUPER NURTURE!


When people slow down, they pay attention. They sit, they scroll, they thumb around.


BAM! Hit em with ads.


Why do this when you’re in the “low” season?


The SUPER NURTURE means you have constant presence because when they are ready to “buy,” YOUR COMPANY will be first of mind. You’re nurturing their mind to become familiar with your business.


If your marketing has been properly done, 3 things happen:

  1. The customer will feel they know you, your brand, and what you stand for.
  2. They will trust you and your advice because of #1.
  3. It weeds out the less ideal customers and price shoppers to only leave your ideal customers who are serious about making a move.


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