3 Things you MUST Do to Sell

3 Things you MUST Do to Sell

I’ve been at this a while now, but don’t call me old yet! 🙂


Experience teaches you a thing or two and so does making money. If you pay attention to the process itself, it can reveal lessons that you wish you knew when you first started! 


These are 3 items that I know, so I know, now I know you MUST do to SELL.


1. Implement a Predictable Funnel


I have spoken to hundreds of business owners in my career and one thing everyone wants is more opportunity to sell. 

More calls

More emails & messages

More incoming requests


9 times out of 10, they reach out to us because their ‘referral only’ growth has dried up or they feel like they have reached their capacity of what they can “market” by themselves. I spoke to a business owner the other day that said, 


“Well why should I trust you with my marketing?”


I replied, “You want your customers to hire your professional service (outsource) because you know that you can do a better job instead of them trying to do it themselves, so it’s the same concept with your marketing. Leave it to the professionals.”


The best part of having a predictable sales funnel by hiring professionals that have proven success is that you can build teams without stressing about sales. Working with landscapers, tree services and contractors, a major common goal is that they have current capacity in their service areas and want to dominate or they want to break into new market areas. It can seem scary to expand without knowing what sales are coming in next month, but partnering with experts can solve that dilemma. 


2. Have Proven Value


We work with companies who have been in business for over 5 years and there is a reason for this: Proven Service.


The fact is, if you paint lipstick on a pig and call it pretty, people will figure it out over time. Building a business with referrals only is actually a very admirable position. It means that people feel like your value is worth telling a friend or family member. You cannot scale your sales without proven value.


3.Learn how to say NO


When we ask potential clients who they want to sell to, naturally it’s “everyone!”


The answer is NO.


Then we ask if they had a story about a bad customer.


Every. Single. Time. they say yes and proceed to tell us about their nightmare client and how they are red flagged on every CRM file possible so that they never have to work with that client again.


The truth is, you DO NOT want to sell to everyone. The most experienced and ‘oh so wise’ company owners understand that not everyone is a fit for their service. The same goes for our service: not every business owner is a good fit.


To recognize this single element is GOLD when it comes to enjoying the process, the liberating experience to be a business owner and scaling your business to new heights so that you can work more so ON your business versus IN it. 




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