Standing out in the land of a million choices

Standing out in the land of a million choices

Being a marketer myself, I often joke with my friends, sometimes calling them a “marketers dream.” 


They will say phrases like, “Did you see that commercial on so and so? I went ahead and ordered one to try it out.” or “Did you see the new blah blah sheets, they said 6 presidents slept on them so I ordered a set.” 


As a marketer, those words put a smile on my face. 🙂


One thing that stood out to me on a recent weekend trip though is how much “noise” is really out there. 


Marketing messages everrrr’where. 


All. Outlets. Imaginable.


In all the commotion, how can your company and brand stand out? 


A few of these tips will help:


  1. Be Authentic: It’s easy to check out what other companies are doing with their marketing but sometimes companies try to copy other competitor styles. Find your own unique original voice for your brand. Use that voice to write content, blogs, emails and other marketing content. Be true to yourself and what you stand for and then cast it out for the world to see!
  2. Choose one or two marketing outlets: With so many options for marketing these days, it is easy to be quickly overwhelmed. We always suggest the 4 core pillars of your marketing to include a professional website, social media posting, email marketing and paid traffic ads via Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Be consistent: Once you make a decision on direction & branding, stick with it. It’s easy to get fired up about what to do next, but it takes true discipline to continue implementing it for the long term. If you know on the front end that you probably won’t stick with it (even if it sounds like a good idea), then either delegate or contract it out to a professional. Remember, the most important thing is to be consistent!


By following these 3 simple tips, you will for sure ahead of most of your local competitors!


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