The Difference Between Shotguns and Lasers

The Difference Between Shotguns and Lasers

Even if you’re not into hunting, most know the difference between hunting with a shotgun versus a rifle with a laser scope.


A shotgun sprays pellets in a wide range hoping that their target is hit within the line of fire. It’s a method used for smaller game such as birds, ducks and small animals.


Larger target, smaller reward.


A rifle with a laser scope is used for a very specific purpose, precision hunting. Laser scopes are used for big game hunting such as deer, elk, bears, etc. 


Smaller target, larger reward.


Anytime we speak to prospective clients or perform a strategy analysis, we always categorize their marketing efforts into one of these categories. 


99% of the time, companies are trying to market to everyone, everywhere and are using various methods to fill their pipeline of leads. 


Just like the shotgun approach, its lots of effort, lots of hoping and lots of money!!!


As soon as new clients are onboarded, we steer them to a laser-like method.


  1. Identify your audience(s)
  2. Find more of them
  3. Adjust marketing strategy to reach only them


After this specific strategy is implemented properly, you can then be confident that your marketing budget is spent on getting MORE of your favorite and best customers. 


What would you do with 3-5 more of your favorite customer each month?