We’ve spoken to hundreds of business owners around the country, and they all say the same thing…


They wanted to own their own businesses for the same reason: Scheduling freedom & taking control over their financial destiny for themselves and for their families.


The truth is, not everyone is comfortable being a renegade. Monthly income fluctuating, sales dependent on the market, eating what you kill, financially speaking.


It’s for these reasons exactly that we work with business owners! 


Self starters…motivated to succeed…understanding calculated risks can = BIG REWARDS


The problem that they run into is that they tend to do everything themselves; Prospecting, marketing, chasing leads, making a name for themselves…


While they are spending time on those tasks, they aren’t spending time on closing sales, scoping jobs, and providing services for their clients. 


It’s a vicious cycle and one that is VERY common.


The truth is, its very difficult to SCALE a business if you’re not sure what’s coming in the next coming months.


But, what if there was a way to have your calendar booked with work 2..4..6 months in advance?




We have solved that exact problem by taking over the marketing and partnering with our clients to get 3-5 new high-ticket customers each month. 


That’s right, seasonality taken right out as a factor to booking business. 


Our client’s are all experiencing systematic, planned, & predictable growth. 


What would you do with an extra 3-5 high ticket jobs each month?