How to Grow Without a Sales Team

How to Grow Without a Sales Team

You heard the ole saying…”outta sight, outta mind.”

Companies come to us with one problem, they want to grow but don’t know where to start OR they have tried to expand on their own and hired a costly sales staff that only caused more headache.

Hiring people to sell for you is costly not only in dollars but in TIME.

…more $$ to Uncle Sam for personnel

…more management of people.

…more time away from working ON the business instead of in it

To make matters worse, it is hard to keep a sales person motivated based on 100% commission.

With so many marketing options available online these days, it is almost useless to have a sales team in place and NOT have a digital strategy.

When I started by business, it was just myself and a laptop.

I was able to grow my sales by 900% in the first year without making one single cold call. It’s not about working harder, its about working SMARTER.

The method we use is the same method we implement for our clients.

  1. DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE- In any service-based business, it is important to segment out your audiences. Maybe one month you are going after a certain customer with a specific income level and the next, you are targeting a certain profession. Find out where they shop, what they read, and where they get their information. So many people say, “I want everyone’s business.” If this is your current mindset, spend some time thinking about your favorite customers and create an avatar to carve out your audience.
  2. USE DETAILED TARGETING- With your defined audiences, take those same demographics, interests and behaviors and use your content to speak to them. Present a problem and solve it for them by getting their attention and providing valuable content.
  3. TRACK AND MEASURE YOUR MARKETING DOLLARS- The beauty about digital marketing is that every dollar is trackable. You are able to see every cent spent and which audiences are responding. To throw your money at multiple outlets is not only inefficient but hard to measure…stop throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks!

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